Formosa Building and Developing Ltd is a construction company with many years of professional working experience, providing construction solutions such as hotel refurbishments, Spa construction, Bars, Restaurants, Shop Fitting and Office Fit out among other construction services.

Hotel Refurbishments

As a hotel owner, you should know that to maintain your credibility, it is paramount to maintain a high standard. We have delivered exceptional hotel refurbishments to a number of regional and international hotels. We work closely with designers which enables us to start a project from the planning stage and architectural design process until completion with remarkable results. We are capable of offering our clients a high standard hotel refurbishment tailored to their specific requirements. With our history deeply rooted within exceptional work delivery, we have been able to serve our clients with a practical and innovative approach giving their hotels a more refreshing and inspirational look.


Our expertise also covers the construction and refurbishment of Spas. When customers visit your hotel Spa they want to relax. We are committed to ensuring that we provide this tranquil environment to our customers. We strive to make our clients happy by delivering them high quality Spas with the facilities they need. While working on spas that need to remain operational, it is imperative that we ensure your safety, and the safety of the guests is unquestioned with our work. With us, your ideal Spa becomes a reality.

Bars and Restaurants

Our staff are not only experienced in the delivery of great jobs within hotels and Spas but also the construction or redevelopment of bars and restaurants. We have a team of professional workers behind us whose skills have given us an added advantage in delivering some of the best bars and restaurants construction in the UK and abroad. Whether you need to make your outdated bar or restaurant look more classy and modern or possibly you are starting up a new business and need a stylish new venue to bring in customers. We can create the perfect environment to suit any business.

Mixed Use Development

Mixed- use development is a type of urban development that integrates residential space with commercial functionality. If you have a large plot of land or old building that needs updating, we can help with the design and construction of a project that will provide exceptional financial gain to investors as well as affordable high quality housing for the community. Blending retail businesses with housing brings strong neighborhood character to the area and provides land-use synergy. Formosa Building and Developing has worked alongside some of the largest supermarket companies as well as smaller organisations, our flexibility and professional attitude allow us to tackle any job no matter the scale.

Office Spaces

Do you need an office space? Worry no more because with us, you have what you are looking for. We are the ideal solution to all your office space creation problems, whether you need a small space or a few hundred square metres, we can provide you with a work environment that will perfectly suit your purpose. During their lives, most people spend more time in the office than they do at home therefore here at Formosa Building and Developing we want to help you customize your office space to the way it works for you and your employees.

Some examples of our previous work.

The Oxford KitchenThe Oxford KitchenThe Oxford KitchenBoloud - London Restaurant & BarAdriaAdriaAdriaAdriaAdria