Amphibious Home

New Builds

Throughout the years people have been in pursuit of buildings and beautiful homes, and we have a track record of delivering projects that always exceed client expectations. Our teams are focused, proactive and experienced to work on any project regardless of how large or technical the work is. When we start on a project we focus on building partnerships, we add value and show commitment to deliver the project on time and on budget. Our goal is to deliver our clients dream home that they can be proud of.

Home Extensions

We do professional home extensions and acknowledge that home extensions are all about adding value to your home and adding space.  This is a good thing because it rises the value of your property to make it more suitable for a neighbourhood, creates extra space for an expanding family and you can make great profit when you sell your property as investment. We understand that home extensions can be very stressful, dirty, noisy and disruptive therefore we put much emphasis on minimising the noise and working as neatly tidily and quietly as possible. We try to reduce any inconveniences by protecting your furniture against any dust and dirt, when we finish working at the end of the day, we clean and tidy your place. Any changes done in your house are with your consent.


Building refurbishments are as important as any process of ensuring that buildings are healthy and safe and it also plays a big role in insuring the sustainability of the environment. When we take on a refurbishment project, we acknowledge its uniqueness from other construction projects. We consider various factors including structure, technical system, historical and cultural qualities. Our teams understand the constrains that come with refurbishment in existing buildings which might have some limitations from the work that needs to be done, but this doesn’t stop them from doing any work because they have been trained to deal with such situations.

Home Office

Are you looking to cut on the daily routine of commuting to work even on weekends? Is your work life intervening with your personal life? Let us help you to transform a small corner of your garden into a modern, polished and eye-catching home office. These sophisticated home offices will keep you apart from home distractions and motivate you to work harder and to enjoy your surroundings while doing your work.  These classic home offices will also give you space to store your office supplies and in quality furniture and material, fantastic interiors that will create an office of your dreams.

Sustainable Houses

Sustainable or eco-friendly homes are becoming more affordable whether you are carrying out a new build or renovation and we are committed to being proactive in developing sustainable homes in the fight against climate change.  These types of houses are becoming more popular because they save on energy, are in the long term more cost effective than traditional building methods and help combat the issues we face today in society. When we take on a sustainable housing project we want to take advantage of the developing technologies in the bundling industry such as solar roof tiles and battery power walls to deliver a home the client can be sure is playing their part helping build a more sustainable future.

Some examples of our past projects are below.

Amphibious HomeAmphibious HomeAmphibious HomeAmphibious HomeAmphibious HomeAmphibious Home